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RII51020 Diploma of Well Servicing Operations


Well Servicing Operations is conducted in the workplace and is expected to take 12 months

Price: The cost for this qualification is $1500.00

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Unit Of Competency

This qualification has a total number of twelve (12) units, consisting of seven (7) core units and five (5) elective units. The elective units are chosen by Academy, through extensive industry consultation. Academy can create custom courses on request, get in touch today to design your course!

Core Units

RIIBEF401E Manage non-routine and complex technical situations
RIIOGD501F Manage rig operations
RIIOGD502E Plan and evaluate rig operations
RIIOGD505E Manage drilling and well-servicing induction and orientation
RIIRIS501E Implement and maintain management systems to control risk
RIISAM502E Manage general drilling equipment maintenance
RIIWSV503E Manage and monitor rig-up operations

Elective Units

RIIGOV501E Identify, implement, and maintain legal compliance requirements
RIIOGD506D Manage rig move and camp move
RIIWSV401E Rig up and rig down for well servicing
RIIENV501E Implement and maintain environmental management plan
RIIOGD501F Manage rig operations

Qualification Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals such as supervisors in well servicing operations. The tasks performed by the supervisor in well servicing involve a high level of autonomy and require the application of significant judgement in planning and determining the selection of equipment/roles/techniques for themselves and others. They are required to demonstrate the application of a broad range of technical, managerial, coordination and planning skills.


Assessments will be based on the twelve (12) units of competency set out above.

You will be assessed through a combination of knowledge and practical assessments that you can complete in your workplace with your supervisor.

Knowledge questions are designed to allow you to demonstrate your underpinning knowledge, whilst the practical assessments are designed to demonstrate competency in conducting tasks relating to the individual units set out in this qualification.

A portfolio of documentary evidence of similar tasks to those set out in the practical assessments might be useful in applying for recognition of prior learning (RPL). Contact the Academy to request a consultation with one of our assessors to see if you might be a suitable candidate for the RPL process.

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