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  • Can I come and visit you?
    Our instructors are often out in the field, so make an appointment at our offices for one on one support.
  • Who are the courses instructors?
    Our instructors are experienced industry professionals working in the field. Learning takes place on the job so you will need employment placement first.
  • Do you offer RPL?
    Recognition of Prior Learning is an option for every course if you have industry experience. Ask us about RPL. If appropriate we will send you an RPL kit.
  • Where can I find my USI?
    Please Click HERE if you have forgotten your USI or need to create your USI.
  • How will I be assessed?
    Assessment is part of your on the job experience. You will have tasks to answer on the job questions, and your supervisor will confirm your vocational competency.
  • What if I have any other questions?
    Please refer to our student handbook by clicking the link below to download the handbook.
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