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MEA30322 Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing


On the Job -RPL - 12 months

Price: The cost for this qualification is $1500.00

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Unit Of Competency

This qualification requires 21 units of competency -  9 core units and 12 elective units.  The elective units are chosen by Academy, through extensive industry consultation.  Academy can create custom courses on request, get in touch today to design your course!

9 Core

MEA107   Interpret and use aviation maintenance industry manuals and specifications
MEA118   Conduct self in the aviation maintenance environment
MEA154   Apply work health and safety practices in aviation maintenance
MEA155   Plan and organise aviation maintenance work activities
MEA156   Apply quality standards during aviation maintenance activities
MEA157   Complete aviation maintenance industry documentation
MEA158   Perform basic hand skills, standard trade practices and fundamentals in aviation maintenance
MEM12001B   Use comparison and basic measuring devices
MSMENV272   Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

14 Electives

MEA502            Maintain and fit helmets
MEA507            Maintain, pack and fit survival inflatable buoyancy vests
MEA508            Maintain, install, and remove restraint systems
MEA509            Manufacture, repair and alter aircraft-related fabric components
MEA511            Operate and maintain sewing machines and overlockers
MEA513            Maintain and pack survival inflatable life rafts
DEFEXO001    Work safely with explosive ordnance
DEFEXO005    Package explosives
DEFEXO006    Unpackage explosives
DEFEXO008    Conduct explosives inspection
MSTTF2008    Use adhesives
MSFSF2002    Machine sew materials

Qualification Description

This qualification applies to members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and to employees of Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMOs) who are maintaining aircraft and personal life support equipment and aircraft furnishings.

The qualification consists of a number of common units plus mandatory and elective technical stream units, including a number of imported units dealing with explosive ordnance (pyrotechnics) safety and inspection, and with sewing, trimming and use of fabric adhesives.

The qualification articulates with MEA41118 Certificate IV in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing and the common units and the elective Avionic, Mechanical and Structures Technical Stream units provide a number of credits towards other Aeroskills Certificates at Certificate II, III and IV levels.

This qualification applies to workplaces that operate under the airworthiness regulatory systems of the ADF and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Any regulatory/licensing requirements associated with any MEA units of competency must be met.


This qualification will be achieved through RPL assessment only.  Applicants will have an initial consultation with the lead assessor from the Academy to ascertain their level of knowledge and skills.

For full RPL applicants, you will need to sit knowledge and practical assessments designed by the Academy.  These will be conducted in your workplace with your supervisor.  Chances are, you have already studied and conducted similar activities in your workplace.  If this is the case, you are able to gather a combination of workplace documents, evidence of training courses, and letters of support from the workplace supervisor.  The Academy will provide a list of what documents you can collect to fast-track the RPL process.
Evidence gathering can take time but you should be able to gather these documents in 1-3 weeks.  If you do not have these workplace documents already you are required to sit the knowledge and practical assessments in the workplace.  By allowing approximately 3 hours a week toward this qualification you should be able to complete it in approximately 6 months.

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