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MSMSS00021 Skill Set
Operate a hydro excavation system

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Perform Hydro Excavation is catered for individuals working in industries where precision excavation is essential, such as construction, utilities, and infrastructure maintenance. Hydro excavation is particularly useful for exposing underground utilities without causing damage, making it ideal for tasks in urban environments or areas with dense underground infrastructure.

Course Description:


The Operate a Hydro Excavation skill set is tailored for participants engaged exclusively in hydro excavation, also known as Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), utilising a Class B gun/lance with a vacuum loading system. The course encompasses comprehensive training on equipment such as high-pressure pumps and vacuum systems, emphasising safe operation, potential hazards, safe work practices, relevant legislation, work permits, and emergency response procedures. It is focused solely on NDD and does not cover skills for washdowns, surface preparation, demolition, or other high-pressure water jetting tasks. Additionally, it does not train participants for other vacuum loading operations beyond hydro excavation.


This course aligns with standards and guidelines, including AS4233.1 2013 Part 1 for High-Pressure Water Jetting Systems Safe Operation and Maintenance, AS4233.2 2013 Part 2 for Construction and Performance, the WSA 02 2014 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia, WorkSafe QLD Guide for Managing Risks from High-Pressure Water Jetting, and the Code of Practice for Work Near Underground Assets.

This course is comprised of the following units to complete the Skill Set:

MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures

MSMWJ307 Operate a hydro excavation system

MSMWHS200 Work safely

MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit

Cost: $1350.00

Who should attend this course: 


This course is intended for industrial maintenance workers who utilise a Class B high-pressure water jetting gun/lance combined with a vacuum loading system to perform hydro excavation, non-destructive digging (NDD), service locating, and potholing. 


Those who have already completed courses MSMSS00017, MSMSS00018, and MSMSS00020 possess qualifications that surpass the requirements of this course.

Recognition of prior learning: 

Academy of Career Training recognises accredited training from other Registered Training Organisations, as well as work and life experience and previous training, for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Applications for recognition of prior learning should be made via the online enrolment form.


Assessment will include written exercises with multiple-choice questions, along with a hands-on evaluation of equipment usage and a practical test focused on the operation of vacuum loading systems.


Important information

Due to the inherent risks involved in hydro excavation, Academy of Career Training strongly recommends the nationally accredited skill set training MSMSS00021 - Operate a Hydro Excavation System.



Photo ID.

Long pants and long sleeve shirt.

Steel cap boots.

Face shield.

Safety glasses.

Hearing protection.

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