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RIISS00034 Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set

S11 Induction Refresher

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Kickstart your career in mining by enrolling in our course today! This training is essential for anyone looking to work on Queensland Surface Coal and Metalliferous mining sites.

Course Description:

The Standard 11 (S11) Mining Induction Refresher course is a mandatory requirement for individuals working in Queensland mines who need to renew their certification. This course provides a comprehensive review of Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements, ensuring participants have up-to-date knowledge and skills to maintain their safety and the safety of others in the mining industry. The refresher course covers essential topics such as hazard identification, risk control, emergency response, and compliance with workplace procedures. It consists of both online theory modules and face-to-face practical sessions, enabling participants to learn at their own pace and gain hands-on training. Successful completion of the assessments results in the issuance of a Statement of Attainment and a plastic ID card that needs to be renewed every five years as required by the Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation. The Academy of Career Training offers regular refresher courses in Highfields, Queensland, catering to both in-house and public participants. The course provides valuable insights into the thriving mining sector in Queensland, showcasing the active coal mines and advanced coal projects driving the growth and employment opportunities in the industry.

Competency Elements:

RIICOM201E Communicate in the workplace

RIIGOV201E Comply with site work processes/procedures

RIIWHS201E Work safely and follows WHS policies and procedures

RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control

RIIERR205D Apply initial response First Aid

RIIERR302E Respond to local emergencies and incidents

Course Requirements

The Standard 11 (S11) Mining Induction Refresher course is available online and includes a thorough review of the theory content and an exam to ensure up-to-date knowledge. To enroll in the course, you will need to provide your latest copy of the previous S11 Statement of Attainment. It is important to note that you should be currently employed in the mining industry and able to provide additional documentation if required.

Course Content

The course aims to provide learners with the essential skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of six specific units of competency. These units include:


1. RIICOM201E Communicate in the workplace: This unit focuses on effective communication within the mining work environment, emphasising the importance of clear and accurate information exchange.

2. RIIGOV201E Comply with site work processes/procedures: This unit covers the understanding and adherence to site-specific work processes and procedures, ensuring compliance with organisational policies and regulatory requirements.

3. RIIWHS201E Work safely and follows WHS policies and procedures: This unit emphasises the significance of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and following workplace health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures.

4. RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control: This unit enables learners to identify and assess potential risks and hazards in the workplace and implement appropriate risk control measures.

5. RIIERR205D Apply initial response First Aid: This unit provides learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively to emergency situations, focusing specifically on applying initial response first aid techniques.

6. RIIERR302E Respond to local emergencies and incidents: This unit covers the management and response to local emergencies and incidents in the mining industry, ensuring that learners are equipped to handle various emergency scenarios appropriately.

By completing these units of competency, learners will acquire the foundational skills and knowledge required to work safely and efficiently in the mining industry while adhering to relevant workplace procedures, maintaining effective communication, and responding effectively to emergencies and incidents.

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