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Risk Facilitator Refresher

A G2 Risk Facilitator assists organizations in managing risks effectively, promoting a proactive approach to risk management, and facilitating risk assessments. They play a critical role in enhancing resilience and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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Course Description:

The G2 Risk Facilitator refresher course is available as an online refresher that is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals working as risk facilitators in organizations. This course specifically focuses on developing expertise in risk management, effective communication, and facilitation techniques.

During the G2 Risk Facilitator online refresher course, participants will not only review and strengthen their existing knowledge but also ensure you are up to date with any changes that might have occurred since your last training. Through interactive online modules, participants will be provided updated information and best practices in line with current industry standards. By completing this refresher course, individuals will be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to excel as risk facilitators, ensuring you are up to date with any changes and developments in the field.

Competency Elements:

RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process

Course Requirements

This unit can be conveniently completed through an online course, which provides flexibility and accessibility. To ensure that you are not required to complete the full course, you will need to produce a statement of attainment from a previous completion within five years. This demonstrates that you have previously acquired the necessary knowledge and skills for the unit.

Throughout the online course, you will need access to the internet to participate in the learning modules, access study materials, and submit any required assessments. It is also important to have the ability to take and receive phone calls in the event that you need to communicate with trainers for assistance or guidance during the course.

Course Content

The course content of RIIRIS402E includes understanding legislative requirements, hazard identification and risk assessment, managing workplace risks, communication and consultation, record keeping and compliance, and continuous improvement. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in these areas to effectively manage risks in the workplace and promote a safe working environment.

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